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Families assigned to the Camp Zama installation may reside in two housing areas, Camp Zama (CZ) or Sagamihara Family Housing Area (SFHA). Family Housing located at Kure is available for personnel assigned to Akizuki, Pier 6 located at Hiroshima, Japan. On-post family housing is usually available for all authorized personnel assigned to the Camp Zama installation and Akizuki Pier 6 installation. However, the waiting period fluctuates depending on housing availability and family composition. Our largest unit is 4 bedroom, average 4 bedroom unit size is 1,426 sq ft. At this time, the majority of on-post family housing is available within 60 days of arrival. Government quarters are authorized for military personnel in grades E-1 and above, eligible DOD civilian employees who are authorized Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) and American Red Cross personnel of equivalent grade.

Individuals who are authorized command sponsorship but are delayed or have deferred travel of family members will live in Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH). Assignment of a family housing unit will only be made within 30 days of their official dependent(s) travel reporting date to Camp Zama or Akizuki Pier 6 installation.

In-processing will include preparation of a housing application form. Applicants will not be placed on the waiting list prior to reporting to the Housing Office. Military personnel must provide a copy of their DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) to determine their eligibility date for placement on the housing waiting list. Eligible DoD civilians eligibility date will be date of walk in and preparation of housing application. Civilians must have their authorized dependent travel concurrently, arrive within 30 days to Camp Zama to add their name to the waiting list and receive the walk in date for eligibility. Military personnel and civilians must report to the housing office within 2 working days of arrival to the installation.

The criteria for assignment to a bedroom entitlement is based on the number of command sponsored dependents and family composition. Request for larger family quarters due to excess of household goods is not authorized.

Family housing units consist of the high-rise apartment towers, two level townhouses or a single dwelling unit. Some townhouses and all single dwelling were built between 1951 ~ 1957. These units have wooden floors, with the exception of bathroom and kitchen. They are heated by steam and cooled by split air conditioners. There are no cellars or basements; but the unit has an outside storage shed.

Majority of the housing assets were built by the Government of Japan. These are 3 and 4 bedroom concrete townhouses located at CZ and SFHA.

All furniture and appliances normally required for family quarters (to include baby cribs) are available for issue with the exception of TV and components, kitchen items, towels, computers etc. All family quarters have a small storage space available. Additional storage may be obtained from the Camp Zama Community Recreation Division, Outdoor Recreation Facility at a cost to you.

Army Community Service (ACS) has a lending closet. They do not have linens, but do have kitchenware available for loan until your household goods arrive and/or unaccompanied baggage. However, quantities are limited, recommend you included essential items in your express baggage. We highly recommend to ship your linens, towels, TV/DVD/VCR, microwave, and kitchen items in your unaccompanied (express) baggage.

Since there is adequate available on-post housing, all requests for off-post housing must be approved. Military will be mandatorily assigned to on post housing. Civilians requesting to reside off post, must submit an Exception to Policy (ETP) through their command and they must be able to support their Living Quarters Allowance (LQA), and also budget LQA.

No King-size bed or German shrunks or over-sized furniture are authorized to be shipped, they will not fit into government housing. If oversize items are shipped, the sponsor will incur all costs associated with finding and securing storage. Larger housing quarters WILL NOT be assigned to accommodate furniture.

Please do not hesitate to call the Chief, Family Housing Management Branch at DSN: 315-263-3527 or COMMERCIAL 011-81-46-407-3527

  Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH)

All military and eligible DoD civilian personnel (with LQA authorized) assigned to Japan who work/live on United States Army Garrison Japan installations will be housed on-post in Government Quarters, subject to availability. All unaccompanied personnel quarters are adequately furnished with government-provided furniture and appliances (freezer/fridge, garbage disposal, stove). Washers and dryers are provided in communal laundry rooms. You should NOT ship your own furniture, except for small items. Even if your shipment weighs less than what you are authorized to ship, your furniture may be too large for the quarters. Before shipping any furniture or large appliances, contact the housing office in order to get the proper room dimensions for the government quarters that may be available to you. Upon receipt of your household goods/unaccompanied baggage, excess government furniture will be removed upon request. The shared storage spaces are LIMITED for small items such as small boxes, luggage etc. There are no commercial or government temporary or non-temp storage facilities available.

Please do not hesitate to call the Chief, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing at DSN: 315-263-4843 or COMMERCIAL: 011-81-46-407-4843 for UPH information.


All quarters are adequately furnished with modern quartermaster furniture and appliances. Washers and dryers are provided in communal laundry rooms. Personnel who elect to ship their own furniture may do so. Upon receipt of your household goods, excess government furniture will be removed upon request. The shared storage spaces are LIMITED for small items such as small boxes, luggage etc.

No King size bed or German shrunk are authorized to be shipped and no over-size furniture since space is limited. Also do NOT bring appliances; they may not be compatible with voltage/cycle in Japan, and they are available for issue from our warehouse.

Therefore incoming personnel are discouraged from bringing excess personal belongings (excessive personal items such as bulky furniture, etc., will have to be stored at the occupant's expense). You may be authorized 25% (accompanied personnel) and 25% (unaccompanied personnel) of your JTR/JFTR for household goods shipment based on your rank or grade. Again, it is very important to visit your Transportation Office for your authorized weight allowance. It is imperative to have your sponsor visit the housing office to obtain housing information. Camp Zama is a weight restricted area. Keep in mind that there is no governmental storage available!


** If you are traveling in the winter do not bring your spring clothes, ship them. You will be staying in temporary housing and your storage space will be limited.

** If you are a single and/or unaccompanied person bring sufficient only for your BOQ Studio or Suite space. Your space, although comfortable is VERY limited. The housing computer desk is not large; you may want to bring your computer desk.

** Almost everyone accumulates additional items during any overseas tour.

Shipping light from the states will give you room to ship accumulated treasures home without incurring excess charges.



Reference USAG-J Reg 40-650, Medical Services, (Housing and Control of Pets) and USAG-J Family Housing Handbook.

The number of registered pets will be limited to any combination of two (2) animals (Dogs and/or Cats) per household only in family housing units NO exceptions will be approved to exceed the 2 pet policy! NO PET is authorized in any of the High-Rise buildings.


No pets are authorized in Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) facilities. This policy is necessitated by the close proximity between common use areas and individuals quarters that are usually found in UPH, and which generates annoyances such as pet odors and noise, possible flea and tick infestation of common use areas and furniture, urine damage to area room carpeting, and uncollected pet droppings.


a. It is recognized that many of our housing occupants desire to have pets. With the privilege of owning a pet; however, comes the responsibility not only to protect and properly care for the pet, but also to preserve and protect the safety and welfare of the community. It is the policy of this command that private property rights are subordinate to public rights to be safe and free from nuisances.

b. Non-human primates (monkeys, apes, etc.) or any other feral or wild animals will not be authorized as pets.

c. Personnel arriving or departing who own pets may kennel them in the Camp Zama Kennel on a space available basis at their own expense or utilize off post facilities. Contact the Camp Zama Kennel, at DSN 315-263-5915 or Commercial 011-81-46-407-5915 for reservations.

d. Contact the Housing Management Division;
DSN: 315-263-3527/4843
From the U.S.: 011-81-46-407-3527/4843
E-Mail: Click here to send email

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